Fav Blogs and Parties

Monday Parties

Boogieboard Cottage
you are talking too much  Making        

Sumo's Sweet Stuff

Tuesday Parties:

Creative Itch

Wednesday Parties:


Passionately Artistic

Friday Parties:
Ladybird Ln       

Sunday Parties:



Here are some of the ones I follow and read on a regular basis (and maybe check a few too many times per day).  I can only hope to be as amazingly crafty and creative as these ladies. Seriously... take some time to check them out. A-maz-ing!



A Law Student's Journey                   

              Some Crafty Craftiness!  

The Cottage Home             

Photobucket                  Domestic, but not Martha

Naptime Novels   

  PhotobucketMoma Lovebug

I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar
Merriment Design
The Sometimes Crafter
V and Co.
Country Maverikess
Love Affair With My Brother
Sewing In No-Mans Land

If you're into cloth diapers or green/healthy living, I follow these blogs too:

    Frugally Blonde      

The Cloth Diaper Whisperer
Wholesome Baby Food
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