Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Organize Me: Linen Closet

I recently spent 45 minutes one morning this week, with coffee in bed (I love being home for Spring Break!), watching HGTV's Clean Freak online.  While I surely will never be quite as obsessively organized as those people are, it inspired me to make my home a little more organized in certain areas.

Our linen closet is a decent size and holds what we need it to.  But, despite my constant reorganizing, things don't always make it to the right spot.  The main idea I took away from those Clean Freaks was labeling everything.  Hello?! That's easy!  And hopefully will help others (like the husband who is GREAT at doing laundry and putting things away) put things back in the correct place.

First I tackled the shelves with all of our spare toiletries.  Things were already in random boxes I collected around the house, but I took a couple minutes and reorganized everything, decided on categories and printed up some labels.  And done! (Please excuse the blurry iPhone pictures.)

Then came the shelves with all the towels, sheets, table cloths, etc.  We have those wire shelves (which I'd love to eventually replace with wider wood shelves) and wanted the labels to be under the piles.  Enter a leftover cereal box and my new scallop rotary blade (Thanks Mom!)

Again, I decided on my categories and printed up some labels.  
Note: it's a good idea to make sure everything is spelled correctly so your husband doesn't have more examples about terrible you are at spelling. Sigh.

I put that scallop cutter to work...

Stuck on the labels...

  Admired my handiwork (with corrected spelling)

Figured out a way to attach the labels to the shelves (cut more labels in half and stick them to the back like below)

Once again admired my handiwork...

And now a nicely organized linen closet!

I love the idea of storing sheet sets inside one of the pillow cases to keep everything thing together (like only Martha Stewart can come up with), and I finally did it.

It's still not my ideal linen closet, which would probably look more like this from Better Homes and Gardens...

But it makes me feel more organized!

I love how simply printing labels can make me so happy!

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  1. Amanda - I'm moving this weekend and seeing this post (the link from One Step Closer) make me super excited to organize my closets at the new house! Check out the blog I write with my bff too:


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