Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Changing Pad Liners

We bought these changing pad liners.  Pack of 3 - terry cloth with a plastic-y back liner.

Put them in the wash.  

Then the dryer.  

Then read the cleaning instructions. 

Line Dry 


So we used them for months before I finally decided to rip the ruined plastic lining off and make them better.

First - take off vinyl edging.

This is the most of something like this that I've thrown out in a long time.  
Definitely not going to use that. EVER.

I cut the terry cloth so it was a little more rectangular.  Cut some fleece (waterproof to catch the "spills") I had picked up from the remnant bin a long time ago (and happened to be the perfect width for this.)

Pinned with right sides facing.  You know the deal.

I used this stitch.  I have no idea what it's really for but it seemed to work pretty well for this project.  Thought I'd mix things up since this is the one of my nine stitches that I hadn't used.

Finished it off by top stitching.

Not fantastic, but it works.  
And the fleece keeps us from having to change the pad cover every other day.

A sub-par product saved by a little creative thinking :)


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