Saturday, June 11, 2011

Drawstring Bags

I thought this was going to be one of the dorkiest projects I’ve made in a while, 
(and if any of my colleagues read my blog, 
I guess this is just proof that I've really 
embraced teaching elementary school.)
but turns out the intended benefactors loved it!

I teach music (specifically Strings – you know violin, viola, cello and bass) 
and I had encountered a problem in my classroom.

That’s a pile of tuners and microphone clips.
My students use them daily but that mess was getting to be too much for me to handle.  
I mean, what’s more annoying that having to untangle all those cords 
AND deal with a room full of elementary schoolers holding noise makers?

Well it’s a good thing I can sew and I had 20 spare minutes after school the other day!

TA-DA!  Tuner bags!!

This is simple enough - but here's what I did.
I simply laid a tuner out
cut out enough fabric in the approximate size
cut out 5 rectangles (for 5 tuners)
sewed with a gusset at the top for the draw string
raid my ribbon/cord stash for 5 cords *more on this below


* My ribbon/cord stash has everything in it from old bikini ties to shopping bag handles.  I keep anything and everything that might be used for another project.  Case in point!  I think the 4 grey cords came from an Ann Taylor LOFT bag. Perfect length and they slide easily through the fabric.

Nothing fancy but it cleans up that cord mess.

  I inheritated the music fabric from my mom who bought it way back 
when I was in 4th grade and had just started playing viola in school.  Finally got used for something!

My students LOVED them!!! 
Hopefully this will keep things in order from now on. least the tuners will stay organized.

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