Saturday, July 16, 2011

Shadow Box

Today's the last day of Baseball Week!

I have one more project for you!

Our first ballpark tour was to Turner Field in Atlanta, GA.  
My husband had been dreaming of going to a game there since he was a little boy.

So I came up with this shadow box to remember our first trip. 

First I painted the outside...

Then the inside...
I'm pretty proud of my baseball diamond :)

Glued a picture of my husband to the back.
Glued one of those plastic baseballs in the corner.

Warning track gravel in a smaller box than I used above.
And a tour ticket signed by "someone" Davies.  (Can't remember...shame on me.)

And we have a nice memory box of the trip.

Baseball Week was fun!  Hope you enjoyed it!

I'm curious, does anyone else try to do crafty things with sports related stuff?


  1. My husband would love it if we celebrated baseball, basketball, football, or just any sport week around here...LOL! Get job on all of it.

  2. This is so cute, and what a great memory to be reminded of when you see it. I love memory boxes. You did a beautiful job. Love the field!!
    I found your post at Lady bird Lane Weekend Show off Party! Thanks!!


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