Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Easy Peasy Hair Clips

This was my first guest post that was featured over at RoCa and Company over the summer.  Thought it would be nice to share it here too!

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I have an easy peasy tutorial for you today on making hair clips for all the little girls in your life.  (These make great gifts if you don't have girls of your own!) I get a lot of inspiration from from lovely bloggers in blogland (like Carmen!) so you'll probably see some ideas that you've elsewhere spotted before.

Let's get started making some Easy Peasy Hair Clips!

Here are the supplies you'll need:
- alligator clips (mine are single prong and 1-3/4" long  *I bought a pack of 50 on eBay.)
- glue gun
- ribbon (grosgrain or something woven so it stays in the child's hair)
- candle

First we will cover the metal clip with ribbon.  If you are using alligator clips like mine, cut your ribbon a smidgen over 7 inches long.  You'll see why in a second.  If you have a different size clip, wrap some ribbon around the clip starting on the inside to see how much you need.  I have ribbon 1 cm wide and some 3/4 inch wide.  Both will work for this.

Next you need to do something to the ends so the ribbon doesn't fray (that would be a bummer after you spent all that time making adorable clips.)  You could use Fray Check or something similar or burn the edges like I did.  Since I'm making a bunch of clips, I'll burn the edges all at once to save some time.  If you've never done this before it's SOOO easy!  Hold the ribbon 2-3 inches above the flame until the edges seal.  This is why it's nice to have the ribbon a smidgen longer in case you burn a tad too much.

The ribbon on the left has not been burned and the one on the right has been burned.

Now let's get that glue gun out!  

* I think the key to getting the ribbon as even as possible is to glue a little at a time.  It might seem tedious but it's worth it to make the clip look really good and even.

We will start on the inside off the bottom tong.  Put glue on part of the ribbon and insert inside the clip. Put the burned edge up against the spring part.  Put a tad more glue on the outside of the clip you just put ribbon on and fold the ribbon over.  Squeeze the ribbon together to even out the glue and make sure the edges line up.

Now we will glue the bottom part where you squeeze.  Just a little dab of glue. Make sure it's where you want it.

Now for the inside of the squeeze part (yup I'm pretty sure that's the real name).  Glue the inside of the bottom part, press the ribbon in with your finger, then do the inside of the top part.  Don't put glue on the spring part!!  You want it to open easily :)

Now for the top. A little glue on the squeeze part  and even out the ribbon with your fingers.  Then put glue down the rest of the ribbon and fold over the top tong.

Use your fingers to even anything out and pull off any glue strings and you're done!!

Once you get the hang of it, it goes pretty fast and you can glue up a bunch in no time!

Now let me show you what it looks like with the ribbon that's wider than the clip.

Make sure to press the ribbon together around the clip at each step. You want the edges glued together so it's really secure.

It's definitely a lot more glue than they small ribbon, but be careful you don't put too much so it's all oozing out the sides. *If it does start to ooze, don't worry.  Just pinch it off before it hardens too much.  Of course wait a second so you don't burn your fingers on hot glue.  Ouch!
You could stop here and you're done!!  
If you have fun ribbon, you might not want anymore embellishments!  
I kind of like the wide ribbon ones as they are.

For the plainer ribbon, I like to add things....bows, flowers, etc.  You can really get imaginative here!

Here's some easy embellishments you can try:

Simple little bow.

Deconstruct some silk flowers then glue them back together.

Use up some scraps and make a fabric flower! 
(For this one I did dig out a needle and thread to keep it together.)

With so many fabric flower tutes out there in blogland, you can really go crazy!

Here are a few other's I've made for various occasions.  For some of these, I used up scraps to match clothes I had already made for my daughter.

Now if you're making clips as a present, here are some ideas for presenting them to make them a little extra special. 
All you need is some card stock and fun scissors.
You could do something this...

Or this....

Or this...

If you leave a little space you can write a message to the recipient!

So what do you think? Easy peasy right?!?!

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