Sunday, February 27, 2011

Baby Sunhat

When packing for a recent trip to the beach to visit my sister (yes, jealous that she lives at the beach all year round) we discovered that the baby's sunhat was too small for her head.  So....I just had to make a new one!  I didn't whip this up in time for the trip but I did whip it up yesterday afternoon!

 I LOVE Saturdays when I have nothing that has to get done and I can just sew and play with Izz.

I followed THIS pattern that I found at Merriment Design.  I love how it turned out even though I think I sewed my seams too small so the crown and the brim didn't quite line up right.  I tried to fix it but it didn't help much.  I guess I'll get it right when she outgrows this one a needs another one.

Must learn to follow sewing directions EXACTLY
Must learn to follow sewing directions EXACTLY
Must learn to follow sewing directions EXACTLY....

Make sure the first piece fits the baby head.

Squirmy model is hard to photograph.

Especially when she is most interested in climbing into your lap.

Ready for sunny days! Come on Spring!!

Please don't look at the mess behind her...

I said don't look! 

Just look at the cute baby :)

 And the hat...

 Ta da!

I'm linking this project here!

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And why not here too!

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  1. soo cute. I love those baby hats, I call them ducky hats (not sure why)

  2. Holy cuteness! It turned out great and she looks adorable! Thanks for using my pattern. I'll be working on a larger one for Elise this spring.

  3. I featured this at Simply Step Back Today- thanks for linking up, and be sure to stop over and grab a feature button!


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