Saturday, February 26, 2011

Recycled T-Shirt Dress

It's another Prudent Baby Project!  I just can't get enough! I have such a long mental "to make" list from their site.  Get the Recycled Bubble T tutorial HERE!

I really must start taking before and after shots of projects like these.  Next time.

I bought the original shirt at CVS...yes, CVS.  In college towns they sell college clothing for thrifty (read cheap) students like myself who don't want to walk across the street to the Book Exchange to buy a real UMD shirt.  So the shirt of course wasn't a great fit but it served the purpose for one Terps football game and maybe only a few wears after that.

But because I couldn't bring myself to get rid of a perfectly good shirt, I kept it.  And now it's an adorable little dress for my baby girl!

Joann's was out of white elastic thread when I went and because I was too anxious (or impatient) I just got the navy blue and went with it.  My first attempts at shirring turned out great!

My original attempt did not have those red panels under the arms.  The dress was WAY too tight so I cut slits under the arms and used left over sleeve material to extend the dress a little.  A little more elastic shirring and it fit great!

I think my favorite part is the sleeves! I used the hem that was already on the sleeves of the original shirt and just sewed two shirred lines on the other edge for the straps.

Baby Izz at 5 months. I keep thinking this will still fit her come spring but now I'm starting to doubt that.

Don't you just want to take a bite out of those chubby baby arms??


  1. I am truly just amazed at your talent (and that you find the time to do these amazing things). I think all of the items you have posted are adorable, but this t-shirt dress takes the cake. I love it!

  2. I agree...those sleeves really are amazing. She looks adorable! Thanks for linkin up!


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