Sunday, February 13, 2011

Checkbook Covers

With last Christmas being our first with a child, many gifts became homemade ones.  For all of the women in my family I made checkbook covers using this pattern from Prudent Baby and decided to personalize them a little.  I followed the pattern but made it a 1/2 inch smaller so I could sew 1/4 inch seams. (I prefer 1/4 inch seams - not sure why.)  They were so pretty all laid out (even though my photog skills are not so awesome.) 

I really like toile and I liked it even more paired with the little bit more modern grey flower fabric for the inside (both were fat quarters from Joann's).

I LOVE the red fabric I used for this one (even though it's not a great picture and I can't figure out how to turn the photo...grrr).  I picked up a yard of it at a quilt and sewing expo and have been holding onto it for a few years waiting for a project I felt was worthy.  I love the little pattern on it.  (I have a piece of this fabric that contains a failed attempt at satin stick around the white box that I saved because I couldn't throw it out. BUT I turned it into another project!) I have one decorative stitch on my sewing machine and figured out that with a little variation in stitch length it's not so bad.

For all of these I took a little square of fabric, folding the corners into the center to place the initials on.  This one I just stitched around and around in pink thread until I felt like it was done.

You can see that I did the pink stitching after the pieces were all sown together which made it more difficult for sure because the pocket got a little in the way.

I've made so many things using these two fabrics (also from Joann's).  
There's my one decorative stitch again.

This was my first attempt at using bias tape on ANYTHING and it didn't turn out so bad.  It's not great either though - edges are a little wonky but good enough to gift.  But I LOVE this blue fabric (also a Quilt and Sewing Expo find - I also used it to make an apron) and I love how this one turned out.

Looking at this picture now I realize that I should have cut the fabric differently so the pattern made a little more sense and matched the outside, but oh well.  I just when you put a check book in there you can't really see the pattern much anyway.

This picture does not do this one justice. (I really need someone to teach me how to take better photos of my projects.)  I had some stiff denim material that I think was in a box of fabric I got from my mom.  It was stiff enough I did not using fusible interfacing on it like I did for all the other cover pieces.  The flower is made out of that red fabric that I LOVE so much, and I'm pretty proud of how I stitched it on.  I'm a little bummed you can't see it, but it looks like these flowers HERE on Make It and Love It.

Yummy red fabric again on the inside.  I actually made two of this one for two different people because I was so happy with how it turned out.

Don't you want to make your check book look adorable now?  My husband agreed to put our checkbook in this first cover that I made.  He's so patient with my crafting :)  The sizing is a little weird with that one. I think I changed the size of my template after I made it. A new one is in order.  Maybe out of the denim and lovely red fabric above. I don't know what I'll do when that fabric is all gone.  Sigh.

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