Sunday, February 13, 2011

Flower Pin

This was another Christmas gift that I made for a friend/co-worker and she LOVED IT!  (She even wore it the rest of the day!)  I was inspired by Tea Rose Home's Jean Corsage.

I submitted it in her Link Party this week also! Go check it out HERE!

It was so easy and simple and and turned out better than I expected!
I cut 3 squares of a stiff dark denim material that was from a box of fabric my mom gave me.  (I'm going to guess with the measurements here since I gifted it so long ago and I didn't measure it.)

Two squares were about the same size - probably 4 - 4.5 inches.  
One square was smaller - probably 3 inches

Sachiko at Tea Rose Home did a great tutorial.  Look at hers for instructions on what shapes to cut out.

I then just cut out a little circle a little bigger than the button I was using for the center.  I sewed around the edges with denim thread to keep the fabric from fraying.  I also dabbed on fray check for a little extra insurance that it wouldn't fray too much.

I cut a circle out of black felt and sewed the pin onto it.  Stacked my denim pieces and sewed them on using my machine.  It was pretty thick after that so sewing the button on was a little difficult. I actually dug out a thimble to finish the job - yes I did.

(Isn't the button pretty?  I don't know if it's considered vintage or not but it looks kind of vintage to me and I liked the contrast against the dark denim.  I have a tin full of old buttons from my mom that I don't often use but I sift through every now and then.  I have 5 or 6 of these buttons that I thought would be perfect for something. Finally used one of them!)

 I sewed the felt/pin on the back and done!  Pretty pin!

Here it is again, because, well I really only have the one picture.

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  1. I am so glad that you tried that tutorial! Thank you for sharing!


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