Sunday, June 26, 2011

Thrifty Finds

We spent Saturday at our church's HUGE annual picnic.  Our last stop was the white elephant sale and because it was the end of the day everything was 50% off! We spent the last of our quarters to buy a funnel cake (YUMO!) but I couldn't resist looking through other people's cast offs.  Of course I found things I just couldn't pass up.  

With 10 minutes left before the sale closed, the check out lady let me take my finds for the $.77 I found in the bottom of my purse.  Score!!

I love finding cool jars and bottles.  And this one had an "A" on it.  Love it!   
Perfect for holding wild flowers from our garden.

This was advertised as a Twin Sheet.  Turns out it's a fitted sheet with no elastic....weird. But I loved the print and it's a heavier fabric than you'd expect for a sheet.  I thought maybe a table cloth or napkins.

Because it already had corners sewn in so I tried it on our long folding table that we use outside when we have friends over for dinner on the patio. Perfect fit!!  No project here I guess.

This is a rather large woman's shirt that I think would make an awesome summer skirt.  I'm so anxious to try my hand at refashioning thrifty finds like this.  I think I'll be perusing New Dress A Day for some ideas!

A well spent $.77 I'd say :)

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