Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gift Idea: Embroidered Love Note

Inspiration: Our 4th wedding anniversary.

We don't usually do much for presents on our anniversary but since it's in the summer and I had lots of time to do projects, I tried my hand at embroidering a love note to my husband.

 Decide on the text (in this case lyrics from a Dave Matthews/Santana song - my husband is HUGE DMB fan!) and figure out how you want it to look. 
(Like my music scrap paper?)

I liked this best...
I went over it in sharpie so I could see it through the fabric.

I traced the lettering onto the fabric with pencil (forgot a picture of this step), and embroidered it all in the embroidery hoop - maybe not necessary but it sure helped.

The color change was initiated by the fact that I didn't have as much blue thread as I thought, but I think I subconsciously had this planned all along... 

The frame was one of those unfinished wood frames from Ikea that got some Mod Podge and some of my beloved red fabric.

I 'purposefully' left some wrinkles so it looks like love note on paper that's been carried around for a long time.

Go 'write' a love note!

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  1. love this idea as well...

    great job on both.



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