Saturday, December 10, 2011

T-shirt skirt

I finally did it.  

I made a piece of clothing for myself that I 
#1 LOVE and 
#2 feel comfortable wearing outside of my house.

Here's the story:
My husband had these two grey shirts.
They were sooo soft but ended up in my sewing room because one had tiny holes and one had odd stains.  So I cut strips around the holes and stains and whipped up an elastic waist skirt!

I wouldn't even attempt a tutorial on this because the whole project was an experiment with my serger.  I'm still not sure if I had the correct settings for the differential feed, but I managed to get the seams smooth.  
No puckering! 

And I've even worn public!!

More than once!

That in itself means it was a successful project!

Go be thrifty!

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