Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sewing Project Labels

I've many times thought about getting labels made to personalize the things that I make.  Especially nice for things that are given as gifts.

Dana from MADE was one of the first posts I saw on this which got me thinking.

But I couldn't rationalize getting 100s of labels so I never did anything about it.

Then I recently saw what Delia did on Delia Creates with her Mommy Tags.  I love how they 1. use scraps which abound in my sewing room and 2. use a serger.  I LOVE my serger and get a little too excited whenever I use it.

Then through Pinterest I found a post from Kate at See Kate Sew on getting your own fabric printed with an image that then becomes your label.  I've loving this idea but I'm having a hard time deciding what it should say (Pandiola? Pandiola Lane? my initials? I can't decide! Any thoughts?)

So one night, as hubby and I settled in the watch TV I grabbed some twill ribbon stuff I had in my ribbon stash (am I the only one who saves the ribbon handles from shopping bags?) and my embroidery thread box, and made a few labels.

I have yet to sew them into anything but maybe having them sitting on my sewing table will increase the chances of using them!

It also increases the change of the disappearing at the hand of a grabby toddler. I had two of this one at one point...

Pandiola Lane? not loving it...

Hopefully I left enough room to sew into a seam.

Do you make your own labels? Have you tried a couple different ways?

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  1. I definitely want to get into making my own labels. Thanks for the idea, and thanks for linking up to I Made It! Monday. Can't wait to see what you have this next week.


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