Saturday, March 3, 2012

Nap time Curtains

I've already expressed my love for Young House Love so when Sherry posted this update the other day on adding blackout curtains to their daughter's room to increase nap length, I was on it right away!

These are the curtains I made (and hung myself) when I was very pregnant. One of those "I've-got-to-do-something-about-that-window-already" moments when hubby wasn't home.

I like them, even though I'm not a huge fan of this type of curtain rod.  What is that called away?

Cute, simple green dots to do with the yellow and green paint job.

Mini blinds, not the best but they served the purpose until this happened:

Our little girl has destroyed the blinds by peaking through the window from her crib.  I hate how trashy it looks but it's been that way for several months.  This is reason number one for wanting new window treatments.

Ok, enough of that.  

The second reason is nap time seems to be getting shorter and shorter and sometimes doesn't happen at all.  Hubby started hanging a table cloth over the window during nap time to make it darker and thus more nap-friendly.  Not my favorite solution.

So I went off to Joann's for the 50% off Home Decorator Fabric sale.  I bought 2 yards of white black-out fabric and 2.5 yards of this Alexander Henry Kleo Pink cotton:

About $19 and 20 minutes and we now have a dark nap-time ready bedroom! Not completely dark, but much better than before.  AND no plastic mini blinds for grabby little toddler hands to break.

Curtain rod with clips = less sewing (no pocket)

I originally just clipped the black-out fabric behind the fabric, but didn't like the way it looked when the curtain was open.  A little more sewing and now it's much better.

I wasn't sure how well the black-out fabric would hang, but it's not too bad.

And adding some more pink into the originally gender neutral nursery is always a plus.

Thank you Sherry from Young House Love for the inspiration to extend nap time!

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