Friday, March 9, 2012

Hey Silver Horse Head!

My husband is still very close with 4 of his best friends from high school and keeps in touch with all of them on a regular basis.  Three of them live within 2 hours of us so we see them often. About 8 years ago, they started having a Christmas dinner get-together every year. Sometimes it's at someone's house, sometimes at a restaurant, but it's always a good time! And it's more fun each year as spouses and children enter the picture.

Somewhere along the way, we started a $5 white elephant gift exchange.  It always makes for an entertaining time!  And several years ago, this lovely horse head entered the exchange...

Awesome right? Um, no, not really...
He's been one of those gifts that gets passed around every year.  (He was lost in one person's garage for a few years, making his next appearance that much more special.) The friends have had to get creative in how he is packaged so the recipient receives him unknowingly. 

Well, we acquired him in 2010 when we opened a paper certificate "Entitling the Bearer to One Horse Head".  Great.

He lived on the mantle for a while before my husband moved him to the back corner of the basement. Ha! I thought he should hide among the herbs in the garden but he never made it out there.

When preparing for the annual dinner this year, I decided he needed a new image.  (Honestly, I had too much fun spray painting my earring holder frames and was searching for something else I could spray paint.) 

So now we have Silver Horse Head!

Makes him a little fancy, no?

We needed a really creative way to re-gift this guy.  
Enter Flip Cam and iMovie.  

Until next year, Silver Horse Head.

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