Friday, April 13, 2012

Organize Me: Filing System

One of my biggest pet peeves, is the amount of paper we get in the mail and things that constantly need to be filed away for keeping.  Despite 95% of our bills being paperless now, there are still papers that need to be kept.  Having a filing cabinet was just not working for me, and I'm on a mission to do away with it completely.  (It's cheap and falling apart anyway.  It won't be missed.)

First, let's start with the inspiration from Jenna Sue

Here's my version. One obvious difference from the picture above is Jenna Sue is obviously better at taking pictures that I am.

But I do like my binder labels.

And I was pretty excited that I was able to find enough white binders and white magazine files around our house, so the cost for this organizing project was $0!!

I played around with the backgrounds a little.

Because I was emptying files, I cut the file folders in half, punched holes and used them as dividers.  All the papers that I deemed necessary to keep got put into plastic sheets.

Keeps all those important documents clean and organized by person.

The Home Maintenance Binder has very little in some of the categories because all of our bills are paperless, but it keeps those service records for our HVAC (and other household things) organized and easy to find.

I still have a ways to go before the filing cabinet is completely empty, but this makes me feel so much better about having to file all that stuff.

Now I just need an organized way to eliminate the pile of stuff "to be filed" that collects on the desk.

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