Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Yummy Sweet Potato Crackers

I found this recipe on Merriment Design and I just had to try them.  I'm always looking for new things to make for baby Izz to eat and these are perfect!

4 ingredients and one is a vegetable - can't beat that!  Even my husband who says "sweet potatoes are death" likes them.  Haha!

Go visit Merriment Design for the full recipe and directions.  Here are just some pictures of how mine turned out and things I figured out along the way.

I thought I needed to do more than 'lightly flour' because they were sticking to my counter...

 But as you can see, too much flour means globs of flour on some of them.

I also had trouble getting them REALLY thin so a lot of mine are a little chewy to be called crackers but they still taste good.

Definitely need to go a little lighter on the flour next time...
Geez! Look at that one!

The ones that I did get really thin were hard to get off the counter and the hearts turned out a little wonky shaped.  Makes them look more homemade I guess.

I ended up with 70 crackers including the "T" that I made for hubby.  
He might not readily admit it, but he likes the "death" crackers. 
And yes, I put them in neat little stacks so I could count them. :)

Baby likes them too...

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