Saturday, February 26, 2011

Yoga Mat Bag

This is another one of those projects that I just made up as I went along.  (Again, I have no idea how long ago I made this. Several years ago at least.)

The fabric is a remnant bin find.  (That remnant bin is my first stop whenever I enter Joann's.) I'm not sure what it is but it's some sort of thick cotton that's soft like flannel.

I made quite a wide casing for the top tie so it was easy to gather.

I used a black tie that came off of a pair of sweat pants that had ties around the ankles.  Not a big fan of pants with ties around the ankles.

I have no idea why I did this, but I folded the edges over and hemmed each side before sewing it into a tube.  Maybe because I was a novice sewer and though I needed to.  No idea....

Hubby just had to put his face in a picture :) 

I made a tube for the handle and zig zigged to top stitch. 

When I actually went to the gym for yoga I loved having a cute bag to carry my mat in.  It also works well if you need a strap for some of those leg stretches. 

Now my mat spends most of it's time propped up in a corner.  Occasionally, I do manage to get some yoga time in while baby Izz plays next to me.  My balance is definitely put to the test when she pulls herself up on my legs.

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