Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tea Pot Cozy

It is very rare that I use this since I rarely make an entire pot of tea.

I have day dreams of spending an afternoon with a friend, sitting on the couch, catching up and drinking tea out of our china tea cups that I don't think have ever been used and using my neglected tea pot. 

That never really happens, but when I do have an occasion to make an entire pot of tea (like I did a few weekends ago when the in-laws visited on a cold Sunday afternoon), I like to keep the pot warm using a cozy.  It really does work!

After making this, using a pattern from a book I have, I realized I could have (should have) made a much cuter one using different material.  But alas, here it is:

 I know my photos are not great since I decided to take them in the early evening on a winter afternoon using just the sun light coming in through a front window, but I like how this photo turned out.

I also LOVE my tea pot - it's Martha Stewart Everyday.

*If you watch Desperate Housewives, like my husband and I do religiously, I'm pretty sure Bree's tea cups are the same pattern.

 And here is hubby modeling it's other use - aka "Pope Hat"

So who wants to come drink tea with me?


  1. My dad drinks tea every night after supper, he would love this. It's really cute & thanks for linking up!

  2. May I ask what the pattern of your tea pot is? I found two matching cups a goodwill. I would love to find more, but I don't know what the name is! :(


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