Thursday, October 27, 2011

Absent Thoughts

I have been absent for a while. Obviously.

School started.

I've been overwhelmed with teaching and wanting to spend all my free time with my daughter and husband rather than blog about the few crafty things I've managed to squeeze into the last few months.

Every time I go through my Blogger reader I feel guilty that I haven't contributed anything to my blog in a veeeeeery long time.  Long enough that I am just seeing how different the blogger posting set up is now.

Then I realize that I don't have that many followers so maybe I don't need to feel that guilty....

Then I started thinking about what I actually want to share here.

I feel like I have lots to share but not all of it is crafts.

So, I'm pondering the direction I want to go with my blog.  I dream about having something that tons of people follow and followers that continually anticipate my next post (like I do with so many others).

So, my dear (few) followers, I appreciate you reading this and for being patient.  I hope you still follow...

I think I want to make my blog one that shares some of the stuff that we do around our house that makes us feel like we are being "green", saving money and enjoying life to it's fullest.

So until I work out the details and put some real thoughts together into a decent post...

Enjoy life!

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