Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fall table center piece

This is one project that is so simple and looks so good! 
I actually made this last year but never took pictures of it.

I used one and a half strands of a leaf garland that I bought for 50 % off at Michael's. Then pulled the stems off the leaves so they were more easy to sew through. I arranged the leaves so I was sure I'd have enough to go around and put bigger ones on the corners.
The burlap-y fabric was a piece I had in my stash from my mom. 
Cut a square, folded the edges under and sewed around.
I used the only decorative stitch on my machine to sew the leaves in place with a zig zag scallop, overlapping each leaf a little.
It was actually really fun to sew through silk leaves!

The added bonus is it matches the other leaf garlands I have around the house.

A clean dining room table - so nice! Wish this was a more frequent occurrence.

Go sew some silk leaves!

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  1. What a great idea! This looks great. I made some napkins with these kind of leaves. I'll have to make this to complete the ensemble!


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